2024 Tosio Kato Fellowship of the Mathematical Society of Japan

Application Guidelines



The Mathematical Society of Japan carries out Tosio Kato fellowship with the aid of Southeast Asian Mathematical Society. The goal of the Tosio Kato fellowship is to reward a young excellent mathematician from Southeast Asia, who is expected to become a driving force for mathematics in Southeast Asia, through a one-year research stay at a Japanese University or Institute. The budget for the scholarship is supplied by Tosio Kato foundation of the Mathematical Society of Japan founded by the bequest of late Prof. Tosio Kato.



1st April, 2024 – 31st March, 2025
※ Please contact us if you would like to postpone the schedule.



31th October, 2023 26th November, 2023



(1) Be a citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan.
(2) The applicant shall be an excellent young researcher of mathematics living in a Southeast Asian country (see Member Societies of Southeast Asian Mathematical Societies) and shall submit a verification form (Form1) confirming the acceptance of the research stay, by the host researcher and host institution. The applicant is required to have obtained his Ph. D. within 10 years as of 1st April, 2024.
The host researcher must be a member of the Mathematical Society of Japan and, in principle, be a researcher who is employed full-time at a university or institute which is able to implement (e.g., laboratory) the project and to provide an appropriate research environment for it.



We select one fellow and the fellow is awarded maximum 6,000,000 yen during the period. This amount contains the following expense.

(1) Round-trip travel expense between the candidate’s country and Japan.
(2) Expense concerning the stay paid through the institution such as health insurance, living

allowance, etc.
(3) Indirect cost to execute the program paid to the host institution.



Please submit the following three types of documents in paper before the deadline.

  1. (1)  Tosio Kato Application form (Form2).

  2. (2)  A copy of the most important three research papers. A certification of acceptance should

    be attached to a paper accepted for publication.

  3. (3)  Verification form (Form1) of the research stay filled by the host researcher.

Any submission that has passed the deadline will not be accepted. Please send the application well in advance of the deadline. In principle, any delivery delays or loss of articles are not taken into consideration. Please use the delivery service for submission, such as registered mail so that the host institution can confirm the delivery of the documents. Also, we will not respond to your inquiry concerning the delivery.

<Address for submission>
Application of Tosio Kato Fellowship
SEAMS Secretariat, care of
Prof. Jose Maria P. Balmaceda
Institute of Mathematics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, C.P. Garcia St., UP Campus, Quezon City 1101, Philippines
Landline: +632-89280439 or +632-8920-1009
Mobile: +63-917-1577137

In addition to the hard copies of the application materials that will be sent by mail, please send by email soft (pdf) copies of the files.

<Address for electronic submission> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  1. (1)  To apply for the fellowship, the host researcher shall send a verification form of acceptance to the applicant, which is necessary for the application. So as to allow the smooth progress of the fellow’s research in Japan, before submitting an application, the host researcher shall fully inform the candidate of conditions at the host laboratory, including his/her status under the fellowship, and will ascertain that the candidate

    acknowledges and accepts those conditions.

  2. (2)  The host researcher will, in cooperation with the administration office of the host

    institution, provide a suitable arrangement for the fellow to pursue his/her research and other research activities. The host will also assist the fellow, when needed, with immigration processing (including applying for a “certificate of eligibility”), securing domicile and other matters related to his/her stay in Japan.

  3. (3)  As a rule, fellows shall stay in Japan continuously during the tenure of their fellowships and concentrate on their research at the host institution. Fellow may not engage in other work, neither paid nor unpaid, during their tenures. Fellows may not receive any remuneration for their research activities.

  1. (4)  The fellows shall follow the rules established by the host institution prohibiting acts of research misconduct, e.g., fabricating or falsifying research results.

  2. (5)  The fellow must submit a research report using separately prescribed format. In any publications and results of research conducted under the fellowship, Tosio Kato fellowship should be acknowledged.

  3. (6)  The host institution shall take first responsibility for the fellow’s actions and must be proactive in preventing any discrimination, or misconduct on the part of the fellow during his/her tenure. If any such problems should occur, the host institution will endeavor to resolve them.


Selection is carried out by the selection committee consisting of members in the Mathematical Society of Japan and Southeast Asian Mathematical Society through both document and panel reviews.



  1. (1)  Acceptance documents will be sent to the successful candidates, the host researcher and

    the host institutes.

  2. (2)  The names of the awardees, host researchers and institutions as well as their research

    themes will be posted on the website of the Mathematical Society of Japan.

  3. (3)  Unsuccessful candidates will not be directly notified of their selection results.

  4. (4)  Individual requests for selection results will not be accepted.


  1. (1)  Handling of personal information: With regard to personal information contained in

    application materials, the Mathematical Society of Japan and Southeast Asian Mathematical Society will use such information exclusively for implementing its programs. If selected for a fellowship, fellows should note that their name, nationality, title and affiliated organization; research theme, fellowship tenure, host institution, host researcher’s name and title; and research reports may be given public access.

  2. (2)  False information etc., in the application form: If the Mathematical Society of Japan determines that any information in an application is falsified, plagiarized or otherwise flawed, the application will be rejected or, if already awarded, the fellowship withdrawn.

For an inquiry contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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