The SEAMS Schools are part of series of intensive study programs that aim to provide opportunity for advanced learning experience in mathematics, and to introduce research-based learning for advanced undergraduate as well as masteral students of the country in which it is held, and for countries nearby. 

A SEAMS School can also be considered preparation for students who wish to apply for the CIMPA Research Schools. 

A leading academic institution or national mathematical society from each member country of SEAMS is eligible to hold a SEAMS School. It submits an application, which goes through a thorough selection process. The subject of a SEAMS School must correspond to research currently being done at the institution. 

Eight SEAMS Schools have been held: 1) Applications of Algebra and Analysis (Manila, 2011), 2) Algebraic Curves (Hanoi, 2013), 3) Numbers, Matrices and Graphs (Bandung, 2013), 4) Stochastic Processes and its Applications in Finance and Insurance (Bogor, 2014), 5) Module Theory and Applications (Bandung, 2014), 6) Combinatorics (Hanoi, 2015), 7) Number Theory and Applications in Cryptography and Coding Theory, and 8) Modeling and Simulation for Environmental Phenomena.

For more information, please visit the SEAMS School website. (Current and previous SEAMS Schools)

Organizing a SEAMS School Roadmap (This document provides a broad outline of the procedures used by SEAMS to organize SEAMS Schools.)


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